John Hughes Volkswagen - Sales

Ready for anything.

Rain on your parade?

Find out how to set up and configure your Volkswagen’s automatic rain-sensing wipers.

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Breathing space.

Explore FOB rolldown, a feature that opens out your vehicle a the press of a button

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Stay cool.

Checking coolant isn’t just for the mechanics. Discover how and when to check yours.

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Power at your fingertips.

Feel at home.

Set your vehicle to auto-adjust itself to your preferences with driver personalisation.

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Turn back time.

Discover how to change your car clock from your Infotainment panel in no time at all.

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Made to match.

Personalise your driving experience by learning and adjusting the vehicles driving modes.

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Back to basics.

Steer clear.

There’s nothing worse than a dirty windscreen. Find out how to check your washer fluid.

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Take a quick dip.

Checking your oil is very important. Learn how to use your dipstick and when to top it up.

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Feeling flat?

Find your optimum tyre settings and enjoy a smoother ride with better fuel efficiency.

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